[meteorite-list] Any Meteorites of Earth Origin?

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:10 2004
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On Sun, 11 November 2001, Jeff Grossman wrote:

> Alan Rubin and I wrote a definition of "meteorite" for Meteorite! a while
> back that allowed for terrestrial meteorites. Our current thinking is that
> the object would have to have left Earth by natural processes
> (impact-launching seems the only option, although this is highly
> improbable), either by achieving escape velocity, or by insertion into
> Earth orbit via some secondary change to its trajectory (we want to
> eliminate material on ballistic paths that take it immediately back to
> Earth, e.g., tektites). If such material later reaccretes to Earth or
> accretes to another body (like the Moon or an asteroid), we would define
> this as a terrestrial meteorite.
> Of course, we already have terrestrial meteorites in our collections if the
> well-accepted theory of lunar formation is correct. But that's just
> semantics. There is no evidence for more recent events on Earth producing
> terrestrial meteorites.
> jeff

Tektites, the Australites in particular are "terrestrial meteorites."

Steve Schoner.

> At 12:20 PM 11/11/2001, you wrote:
> >Would it be possible to find a meteorite who's parent body was the
> >Earth?
> >
> >Could some of the material ejected from the Earth during the impact
> >that formed the moon might still be coming back to Earth in the form
> >of meteorites?
> >
> >Could one of the major impacts since ejected material that only now is
> >coming back to Earth?
> >
> >Rob
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