[meteorite-list] Seeing the source of HED meteorites

From: Matson, Robert <ROBERT.D.MATSON_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:09 2004
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Hi All,

Ron Baalke forwarded:

"Most planetary scientists believe that 4 Vesta is the source of
> howardite, eucrite, and diogenite meteorites (HED) found on Earth, but
> Kelley points out that it is not a direct process. 'Vesta is located
> in a part of the main asteroid belt that makes it almost impossible
> for it to deliver meteorites directly to Earth. So there are probably
> intermediate asteroids, which were once part of Vesta, located in more
> favorable orbits that provide delivery.'"
Since many people have samples of Tatahouine, Bilanga,
and other HED meteorites in their collections, I thought
you might like to see the probable source of your meteorites
with your own eyes. The asteroid Vesta is favorably
located right now just a couple degrees south of the
bright star Aldebaran in Taurus. (Saturn is also nearby).
It's shining at magnitude +6.8 -- pretty much at the limit
of naked eye visibility from the very darkest skies, but
easily within reach of binoculars.

By 10pm local time, Saturn, Aldebaran and Vesta are all
a good 40 degrees above the east-southeast horizon. If
anyone is interested, I could post a star map showing
Vesta's location for tonite. (More specifically, I would
need to send a .GIF image to someone who has a place they
could post it for all.)

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