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From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:09 2004
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Yes, for everybody who is making travel plans to go to Tucson remember that
the show this year is Feb 3rd to the 16th and doesnt start in january like
we are normally used to.
Becides Michael Bloods auction on that weekend that is a pretty good weekend
to go anyway because many list memebers go for just a few days and usually
it is that weekend so you get to meet more people in person on that weekend
than at other times. I assume that Blood will again hire me to help him out
this year????? It should be lots of fun and if the last two years was any
indication lots of great deals are to be had at the auction. The room was
jam packed last year with bidders. I think that there was beer served to so
all bases are covered.
After a couple years of just buying I will be there selling for the first
time this year to so for those of you who had terriorists prevent you from
going over hundreds of kilos of loose meteorites and picking out what you
wanted in Denver, I will be in room #162 at the innsuites (Which has become
the "Meteorite" hotel) with hundreds of kilos of NWAs for you to go over. I
have a special (and LARGE)lot of NWA material that will just be picked over
for the first time in Tucson so come early and stay long. I am sure that I
will have other stuff to including lots of thin sections.
Dont forget though that you cant get hotels in Tucson. You can drive 60
miles and easily get a $25 hotel in Nogales but one in Tucson will set you
back $120 or so if you are even lucky enough to find one. Unless you book
early you likely wont find an hotel - and the hotels wont be in a bargaining
mood so expect to get shafted on the cost. Unlike Denver, renting a car
seems easy during the Tucson show.

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