AW: [meteorite-list] Governador valadares

From: Norbert Classen <>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:05 2004
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Hi Dave,

"The Mars Meteorite Compendium - 1998", compiled by Charles Meyer,
states the following on the processing of Governador Valadares:

"The Governador Valadares specimen was 'found' by a mineral hunter
in 1958 (Gomez and Keil, 1980). The main mass (96 grams) is owned
by Dr. Fernanda Ferruci (Graham et al., 1985, Cavarretta, personal

Governador Valadares was privately purchased by a mineral collector
in Rome who finally re-sold it privately to Dr. Ferruci. As far as
I know, the main mass has never been the property of any university,
state or museum; therefore I think Matteo's comment about a Professor
selling it to private hands is somewhat missleading. However, Matteo
is right in one respect: as far as I know the specimen changed hands
again and became part of a renowned private collection.

All the best,
Norbert Classen

Dave wrote:

> dear Listees,
> Just a quickie...
> I thought that the main mass of GV was in Brazil. The Catalogue of
> Meteorites says that the main mass is in Rome.
> Correct?...or maybe you lot know otherwise!
> best regs
> --
> In gentle decay,
> dave
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