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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:05 2004
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I would love to see it, and for years I and many others have tried-- but after so many abortive attempts, I remain skepical that such an association can be made.

For as soon as one presents or endorses a "charter" that person and those that support it will be labeled "price fixers"-- "communists"--"racketeers" and other things....

To many conflicting interests, and not enough co-operation will be the downfall of any such endeavor.

I think that it will take a government threat to our hobby here in the US-- Canadian, or Australian type meteorite laws to bring it about.

Whether that happens remains to be seen, and when it is seen-- it may be too late.

Steve Schoner.

On Tue, 06 November 2001, "capricorn89" wrote:

> Background for the following post to Dean Bessey:
> I was contacted recently by Dean who was interested in exploring (reviving)
> whether there might be any possible interest in an organization by others at
> this time. I contacted a few collectors who I knew personally, many of whom
> had originally expressed an interest in forming an association. There was a
> bit of exploratory correspondence to see what the present feeling might be,
> although this certainly did not represent a very large cross-section of very
> many collectors. My son, Jim, even spent an evening setting up a web
> homepage for an association as a trial in the event there might be some
> interest.
> http://home.talkcity.com/Route66/meteorite1/mca/index.html
> The counter reads 76 right now, but we have not encountered much interest.
> If someone with more energy and organizational skills wishes to pursue this
> further, we will be most happy to cooperate.
> Ron Hartman
> *****
> (Open letter)
> Hi Dean,
> At this point, I think the possibility of an organization is a dead duck
> floating in Hudson Bay! Not even interested collectors who e-mailed me at
> the beginning seem to have an interest at this point. Maybe we don't need
> more than we have. The METEORITICAL SOCIETY is the "focus" of all this,
> and it serves well as a professional organization and clearing house for the
> identification and authentication of meteorites...we could not ask for
> better. The "list" seems to function, without intimidation, for all who
> care to participate and it seems to work well for communication. The
> Tucson auction room seems to be the "meeting place" (especially in the back
> !") along with any private parties that seem to come along during that time
> for those who share specific interests . Everyone seems to communicate in
> their own way. With so many different interests and agendas, perhaps it is
> the only way all these personalities can get along. But, it all seems to
> mesh...and in many ways, perhaps represents a more organized group of people
> than we see in many so-called associations.
> Best Wishes,
> Long Live the floating ducks!
> Ron Hartman
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