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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:05 2004
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Background for the following post to Dean Bessey:

I was contacted recently by Dean who was interested in exploring (reviving)
whether there might be any possible interest in an organization by others at
this time. I contacted a few collectors who I knew personally, many of whom
had originally expressed an interest in forming an association. There was a
bit of exploratory correspondence to see what the present feeling might be,
although this certainly did not represent a very large cross-section of very
many collectors. My son, Jim, even spent an evening setting up a web
homepage for an association as a trial in the event there might be some
The counter reads 76 right now, but we have not encountered much interest.
If someone with more energy and organizational skills wishes to pursue this
further, we will be most happy to cooperate.

Ron Hartman

(Open letter)

Hi Dean,

At this point, I think the possibility of an organization is a dead duck
floating in Hudson Bay! Not even interested collectors who e-mailed me at
the beginning seem to have an interest at this point. Maybe we don't need
more than we have. The METEORITICAL SOCIETY is the "focus" of all this,
and it serves well as a professional organization and clearing house for the
identification and authentication of meteorites...we could not ask for
better. The "list" seems to function, without intimidation, for all who
care to participate and it seems to work well for communication. The
Tucson auction room seems to be the "meeting place" (especially in the back
!") along with any private parties that seem to come along during that time
for those who share specific interests . Everyone seems to communicate in
their own way. With so many different interests and agendas, perhaps it is
the only way all these personalities can get along. But, it all seems to
mesh...and in many ways, perhaps represents a more organized group of people
than we see in many so-called associations.

Best Wishes,
Long Live the floating ducks!

Ron Hartman
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