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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:05 2004
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OKAY, let me try this agian as my links posted previously do not work.

> On Mon, 05 November 2001, meteorites_at_space.com wrote:
>Steve, if you have time, it would be most interesting >to see a photo
>of one of your Sikhotes with the labels that you know >to be from the
>Russian Academy."
> Here they are:





 The size of the label is aproximately 1/4th inch by 3/4th's inch and on the larger piece is is hand written on cloth. On the bar with fusion crust cut from a large 82 Kg individual it is typed "No. 1628/6" on the same cloth tape.
I got these from Krinov in 1971 and I still have the original packing. It is quite amazing that he would have given me these gratis, and at a time when the US and the CCCP were at the height of the cold war.
Steve Schoner, AMS

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