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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:05 2004
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Dear Dave, Rob, Steve, and List:

I'd like to return to the thread from a few days back, when Dave
Harris, Rob Lenssen, Steve Schoner and I were discussing labels on
some "old collection" Sikhote-Alins. Collection numbers interest me,
so I've done a bit more research over the past few days.

Just to recap: Dave and I both recently acquired nice, uncleaned and
slightly rusted Sikhotes from Rob Wesel (thanks Rob). They carry a
white gauze label, with four-digit typewritten collection numbers.
Steve Schoner was quite certain these are Russian National Academy of
Sciences numbers, and Rob provided some useful info and photos, and
also had a labelling question (I think I have your answer, Rob, see
below). However, the actual numbers on our specimens don't match
Krinov's numbers, so there was some doubt.

First off, Rob, in style the labels do appear to match the photos you
supplied here:
http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SA1.jpg and here:

I find it odd that specimens with really low numbers, like the one in
Rob's photo "0067," and mine "0112," were evidently not collected
during the first expedition to Sikhote-Alin, due to the light coating
of rust. You would expect the really low numbers to have been from
the earliest expedition (and therefore to be in nearly pristine
condition), but I suppose they could have been numbered out of order
at a later date -- back in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Or maybe they
were just left outside in an old crate somewhere : )

Anyway, I have to agree with Steve S., and I think I've found proof
that these are official Russian labels. Earlier this year, I had the
good fortune to acquire a signed copy of Krinov's book about Tunguska
and Sikhote-Alin. This book used to belong to Dr. Elbert King, and I
ended up with it thanks to Steve Arnold of I.M.B. The book is
(obviously) in Russian and, as far as I know, has unfortunately never
been translated into English. My very basic Russian is not up to the
task. The title reads (phonetically) "Zhelezny Dozhd," and the cover
is a two-color reprint of the famous Sikhote-Alin stamp. On pg. 54 of
the book -- published in 1981 -- is a b/w photo of a Sikhote-Alin
specimen which appears to carry the same type of label. I know it's a
terribly bad quality image, but you should have seen it before I
cleaned it up in Photoshop : )

Have a look: http://www.notkin.net/collection-numbers.htm

Compare the b/w image to the color pic of my Sikhote-Alin "0112,"
immediately below on the same page.

Steve, if you have time, it would be most interesting to see a photo
of one of your Sikhotes with the labels that you know to be from the
Russian Academy.

Finally, Rob asked if anyone could help him to identify the label on
his collection piece here:


Rob, please compare your photo to the bottom picture on my page:


My photo is of a piece of Chico Hills, New Mexico (H4). The yellow
and black collection number appears to match the one on your
specimen, and is from the Herb Obodda Collection. Herb was a
well-known mineral collector, who also had a substantial meteorite
collection. Allan Lang of R.A. Langheinrich Meteorites provided me
with this specimen, and the information about the collection labels
(thanks Allan). Hopefully that answers your question. BTW, the other
label is from the Barbara Curatin Collection (not sure about the
spelling of her name).

Okay, I hope I haven't put the rest of you to sleep, but hopefully
Dave and Rob are happy.


Geoff N.
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