[meteorite-list] Comet P/2001 J1 (NEAT) = Comet Biela?

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:26 2004
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On Tue, 29 May 2001, Ron Baalke wrote:

> IAU Circular 7635 reports on the similarity of
> newly discovered Comet P/2001 J1 (NEAT)'s orbit with Comet Biela.
> Comet Biela was first observed in 1772, and was identified in 1826
> by Wilhelm von Biela to have a short periodic orbit, only
> the third periodic comet known at the time (after Halley and Encke).
> In 1846, Comet Biela surprisingly split up into two fragments. I
> believe this was the first time a comet was observed to break up.
> The two fragments were observed for some months after the
> breakup. In 1852, only one of the fragments was still visible.
> Comet Biela hasn't been seen since 1852. In 1872, a large meteor storm
> was linked to the orbit of Comet Biela. Large meteor showers in 1885
> and 1899 were also attributed to the comet.
> Now, it appears that Comet P/2001 J1 (NEAT) may possibly be one
> of the fragments of Comet Biela that has been missing for
> nearly 150 years.
> Ron Baalke
Ron, Tell us more about those meteor storms.

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