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From: Dave Andrews <dandre10_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:26 2004
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Very nice webpage John. That about sums up the trip quite nicely.

[Gregory the "Pencil-***" Wilson wrote:]

>This trip (finally) found me losing my "meteorite-hunting virginity"!
>grateful to the rest of the guys for sharing their hunting expertise
>for the extra-tall meteorite magnet-cane Dave fashioned for me!).

No problem. I just had to shop the the Big and Tall Men's Shop to find
a golf shaft that long. Actually, I stole the designs from John, so you
can thank him too. ;-)

>Dave and John, the two real Holbrook-veterans, remarked any number of
times >just how unusually successful this trip was, with ALL of us
finding multiple
>fragments, as can be see at the above site. And when you find that
>first one, it's a genuine thrill!

I don't know about just how much of a "veteren" I am, but I sure wish I
had known about the field 30 yrs. ago. Strangely enough, most of the
locals know nothing about it. What is historical to us on this list, is
long forgotten by the natives here. Yes, it's the first time we had a
major assault on the field and everyone went home with something. I
still get a thrill with finding the smallest of nuggets too.

>John carefully documented the whole thing on film and video, and Dave
>Anna (Mrs. Dave) were wonderful hosts, providing us with room and board

>(incuding Dave's legendary green chile enchiladas) for the duration.

These guys are all terrific hunting partners and are welcome back
anytime. With all the different types of "warped" humo(u)r, there was
never a dull moment. Even the Mrs. considers you all part of the family
now. ;-) There sure seemed to be a little over-raving about the
enchiladas though. I myself, don't think they are THAT great, but I've
certainly had worse. Like the ones they serve at La Fuentes in
Tucson. Strangest Mexican food I ever ate.

>The "Empty Pockets Saloon" hosted a meteorite-aficionado pool
tournament one
>night, although Dave had the "home-table-advantage" and dominated the

Gregory "Willie" Wilson missed out on the first night of 8-ball action.
That night Milton-Balgonie Fats and Tempe Tubby were holding their own
very nicely. Also, it's very difficult to leave Willie Wilson with a
bad shot, as he can reach any ball without using a cheater-stick or
bridge. ;-) And, we even had Rob drinking COLD draft beer....yes, you
heard right...ICE COLD BEER! I think he was rather enjoying it too.

>Rob was OK to have around too, I suppose, although he still
>has a lot to learn about meteorites, and his son Jamie is more fun;
>pleasing personalities only pop up every other generation. ;-)

Yes, I have to admit it was a bit bothersome having to explain
constantly to Rob what a meteorite looked like, and that bunny-turds
don't have fusion crust.
I secretly wonder sometimes if Jamie is actually the main agent in his
business and collection? ;-)

So to sum it all up for me:
We all found something -- nothing real big, but anything is a nice find
Everyone but the newbie found more than myself (Rob's 2nd trip, John's
4th or 5th)
Rob began to like jalapenos, biscuits and gravy, and cold beer.
Even my wonder-dog Bailey, enjoyed the company and imported doggy
I have a new "honey-hole" to explore. ;-)
Anna and myself had a great time - it was worth taking a couple vacation
days for.
I hope to do it again with all of you soon.

Thanks guys!
(We can get back to cow killers now ;-)
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