[meteorite-list] Valera - cow killer?

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3 Cheers for Darryl! Our Hero!!

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> Folks-
> I'm the person who purchased the main mass of VALERA and who sold some of
the material to Mike Cottingham. As such, it seems that it's incumbant on me
to address the questions that have been raised about VALERA's provenance.
> I have been in direct and indirect contact with several parties who have
first-hand knowledge of VALERA's impact. They have detailed the event in a
manner that far exceeds what is contained in the affidavit.
> What is not stated in the affidavit, as apparently it seemed to be
unnecessarily specific (remember, this was an affidavit, not a post-mortem),
the cow was struck in the shoulder region, which was badly crushed. Valera
was found next to the cow in a meadow. There was no gash. (I asked.) Of the
three people who visited the impact site who have reported what had
occurred, one of whom was a physician, there is no doubt that the meteorite
which was found next to the cow was responsible for the cow's death.
> Remember, the meteorite itself had little or no value for the finders. And
the near-zero value of the meteorite was not enhanced by the unusual
circumstances of the impact. The meteorite was kept as a curiousity...and
the cow was dinner. It is us, the commercial meteorite community, who are
the only ones that ascribe a value to meteorites impacting unusual targets.
> In short, I am utterly (pun intended) convinced that VALERA is indeed the
"Bolide Butcher of Venezuela."
> I may not be able to respond to this posting until Wednesday.
> Wishing everyone a terrific holiday weekend...truly. [Speaking of unusual
targets, I was going to attend a wedding this afternoon, but the groom died
of a massive heart attack on Friday night. And he was young.]
> Be well and ENJOY.
> Darryl
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