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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:25 2004
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On Sat, 26 May 2001, David Weir wrote:

> Hello List,
> The cow story could well be factual. That said, I would never take this
> story based simply on hearsay as an absolute. What was it that was
> "apparent" about the meteorite/death connection? There was no mention of
> any physical evidence asociated with the cow such as a cut, bump, cow
> patty, etc. An autopsy which may have linked the cause of death (heart
> failure? blunt force trauma?) to the meteorite fall was evidently not
> performed. Could the cow have died of old age during the night even
> before the bolide was seen, and was simply misconcluded that it was
> killed by the meteorite? In a court of law I doubt that an affidavit
> alone would be enough to get either a conviction or an exoneration from
> a jury. Although the circumstantial evidence is persuasive, critical
> skepticism should never be abandoned.
> David


The meteorite in question made its appearance at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, and Darryl Pitt purchased it. The person (a professor from Venezuela) that sold it had spent many years researching the fall and the facts regarding its fatal blow to the cow. Being as skeptical as I am, I spent quite some time talking with this man, and he was adamant that the facts as stated in the document that he had researched extensively are true. As such the document is a sworn affidavit by witnesses that the meteorite did indeed kill a cow-- so unlike the Egyptian dog of 1911, there is less uncertainty that the event as stated in the document happened.

(Long live the dog-- and long live the cow!)

Steve Schoner AMS

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