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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:25 2004
Message-ID: <3B1046A3.37D5_at_home.com>

Hi all,
        I have been using 2" X 2" (X 3/4" deep) macromount
boxes for many years now, as they are nearly perfect for
the display of most partslices - for larger specimens, I go
to the Rieker Mount boxes.
        However, my macromount box source has NEVER
been able to get me boxes with filling, (as is common with
the 1" X 1" "micromount" boxes). Instead, they are empty
and I have to buy Quilt filling from a milinary store to
hand cut to insert into the boxes - the cost is not so great,
but the TIME is a major pain in the tookus.
        Does ANYONE know where I can buy these ON A
 REGULAR basis WITH the padding???
        I would be SO grateful, I just may have to GIVE the
person who so informs me some sort of specimen as a
"thank you."
        RSVP - Please contact me off line.
        THANKS! Michael

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