[meteorite-list] Possible Supernova?

From: Ginger Mayfield <chikadee_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:25 2004
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I just checked Starry Night Pro and didn't see any celestial
object to explain your mystery object. I also checked the
supernova page and the brightest supernova found so far this
year is a magnitude 13.6 which is not visible (not even
close) to the naked eye. Perhaps it was a weather balloon
reflecting the sunlight. Just a guess.


"Matson, Robert" wrote:
> Hi All,
> I don't belong to any of the proper newsgroups to report this
> sighting, but perhaps someone here can forward it or check up
> on it.
> Early Thursday morning May 24, I was driving northbound on
> I-15 through the Cajon Pass (approaching Victorville, CA) and
> starting at least as early as 5:10am PDT (12:10 UTC, 24 May)
> I could plainly see Venus rising in the east before sunrise.
> No big deal. Trouble is, there was a SECOND object of nearly
> the same brightness above and to its right. Not sure of the
> exact angular distance, but at least 25 or 30 degrees. Not
> being a morning person, I was not familiar with what planets
> to expect at that hour, so I just assumed the other bright
> object had to be Jupiter. Indeed, I had difficulty deciding
> which one should be Jupiter and which one Venus -- they were
> both that bright.
> Well, now that I finally have access to my computer, I see that
> Venus was indeed one of the two objects, but the other could not
> have been Jupiter (which does not currently rise until after
> the sun). To give you an idea of the brightness, both were
> still visible AFTER sunrise, though only until 5:49. They
> were laid out as follows:
> *
> Mystery
> Object
> .
> Venus
> O
> None of the relative positions of the objects moved over
> the 40 minutes I observed them. Did anyone else see this,
> or can anyone else confirm a new object in Pegasus?
> Rob Matson
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