[meteorite-list] Re: Denver Show + Chicago Gem Show?

From: Mark Abbott <mabbott_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:25 2004
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Dave Schultz wrote:

> Greetings Listee`s. I know this was just talked about but I was just
> wondering how big is the Denver Show compared to Tucson and which dealers
> will be there?

Some dealers show up the Sunday before the show to begin setting up at the
hotel shows. Prior to 2000, there was a lot of selling going on Sunday and
Monday (although the official 'opening' wasn't until Tuesday. Last year, Marty
Zinn started saying that dealers could not sell until Tuesday...so there was
still selling on Sunday and Monday, but it was quieter, and sometimes the
dealer would only sell to you if he knew you... and Marty wasn't around.
Others will show up on Monday to set up. All the dealers of interest are ready
by Tuesday. My schedule doesn't allow me to make it to Tucson, but from
everything I've seen, all the major dealers both US and international are
there: Marvin Kilgore, Great Wall, Erich Haiderer, Allain & Luis Carion,
Auxrox, Bud Eisler, Mike Pimentel, Star van Scriver, Blain Reed, the Labennes,
and several others floating around, plus a few that I have probably missed.

> I know the dates, but which days are the best to go and are
> there any get togethers during it?

The Colorado Meteorite Club (that may not be it's name but that's what it is),
has a party of some sort Friday and or Saturday.

> Also does anyone know about a Gem Show
> in Chicago this weekend and will there be any Meteorite dealers there?

It's known as the Chicagoland Show, held at the DuPage County Fairgrounds
(2015 W. Manchester Road, Wheaton, IL) this Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There
is an admission charge of $3 to $5. You will see minerals, fossils, jewelry,
tools, cabochons, faceted stones, carvings, cutting rough, etc.

I (company name is MO'R Designs) will be there with some meteorites that I've
picked up over the last seven years or so. Some of it is the standard "Oh! Do
you actually sell meteorites! Gee, I have to get one for my collection...I'll
take this one...It costs how much?!?! Okay, how about this teeny-tiny one"
type stuff (Canyon Diablo, Gibeon, Gao, Sikote-Alin shrapnel, etc...) but I
have some other interesting stuff that tends to sit under th table because I
don't have the space. Besides meteorites, I also sell carvings, eggs, high-end
fossils, minerals, and my wife does some jewelry. I devote about 10-15% of my
table space to meteorites. If I put all my meteorites out out, I could
probably cover another 5-10%, but meteorites just don't "pay their rent" at
gem & mineral shows.

The only other dealer that I know of that sells meteorites there is Schuler's,
who is a mineral dealer. He devotes about 5-10% of his table space to
meteorites, mainly the standard stuff, but he occasionally has some intersting

If you have any more questions, go ahead and email me off-line. I will be
taking off Thursday evening to head over to Wheaton (I live near Minneapolis).

Mark Abbott
MO'R Designs
Received on Tue 22 May 2001 11:30:51 PM PDT

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