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From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:25 2004
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Dear Tracy and List;
Richard Nixon knew about the little green men. They have infiltrated us and
are waiting for the right time to take over...maybe when we run out of
gasoline and electricity...Meteorites have things in them that we are unable
to detect with modern scientific technology.
Dave F.

Tracy Latimer wrote:

> During the Y2K fiasco, where common sense was being overrun by FUD (Fear
> Uncertainty, and Doubt; or F***ed Up Data, depending on your cynicism
> level), my husband and I monitored several newsgroups. The spin level of
> information was incredible, especially for people who KNEW the Y2K bug was
> a Sign Of The Apocalypse and We Were All Gonna Die, and anyone who thought
> otherwise was deluded or a member of the Great Gubbmint Conspiracy to keep
> all intelligent people in the dark. To keep it brief, after 1/1/00 and
> nothing much happening, you would have thought the doomsayers would
> quietly disappear. Instead, a year and a half later, there are STILL
> people out there who swear we are on the verge of a Y2K breakdown, and
> everyone needs to be vigilant and prepared for the end of civilization.
> For further fun reading, check out Michael Shermer's book, "Why People
> Believe Weird Things." It's a very erudite take on what catches people's
> imaginations, and why some of the darndest ideas take hold.
> Tracy Latimer
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