[meteorite-list] I can't believe it!

From: Robert Verish <bolidechaser_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:24 2004
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Dear tett,

I've forward your message to MIAC and CSA.

But I'm not a Canadian. You need to get your fellow
Canucks to send letters to MIAC and your education

"What have you learned about meteorites" ????
I wonder if the lesson to be learned is:
"Don't touch meteorites!"
Maybe this was an intentional, subliminal message????
Bob V.

--- tett <tett_at_bmts.com> wrote:
> So much for our Canadian education system.
> In Ontario all grade 6 students are now taking five
> days of standardized
> tests with my son, Alex, being one of them. In
> total there are hundreds of
> thousands of kids taking these tests now.
> Today the grade sixes were given a story to read and
> then asked to answer
> questions. This story involved a young boy who
> witnessed a meteorite
> fall. Here the boy sees the meteorite fall into a
> pool of water. The
> water evaporates once the meteorite splashes in it.
> The boy then splashes
> mud on the meteorite which in turn sizzles.
> One of the questions asked was:
> "What have you learned about meteorites"
> Fortunately, Alex was able to answer that he learned
> nothing as this could
> not happen. Alex knew that meteorites are very cold
> when then touch down
> and that the person that wrote this story was
> ignorant of this fact.
> The sad part is that thousands upon thousands of
> young kids will now
> believe that meteorites land extremely hot,
> perpetuating the myth that one
> should not touch a freshly fallen meteorite so as
> not to get burned.
> I can't believe it!
> tett
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