[meteorite-list] Pyramids Inspired By Meteorite Fall?

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:24 2004
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Ron Baalke wrote:

> the orientation of the pyramids - always to the northern pole star ...

Hello All!

Due to the phenomenon known as "precession", this was not Polaris in
Ursa Minoris (The Little Dipper) but Alpha Draconis (Thuban) when
pharaoh Chufu (Cheops) had his pyramid built.

> Kate Spence had demonstrated in a paper last year that from
> the first, the pyramids were all precisely oriented towards
> the northern stars.

... the entrance corridor, to be more exact - usually constructed at an
angle of 26 to 27 degrees and thus pointing exactly toward the realm of
the circumpolar stars. This corridor led straight down to the chamber
where the pharaoh rested in his sarcophagus and should enable him to
ascend to the "undying" northern stars which would then protect and
incorporate him into their eternal cycle and prevent him from vanishing
into the netherworld.

> One pyramid was explicitly called "the gleaming".
> Another was called "the pyramid that is a star".

Chufu's father Snofru had two pyramids built, the famous
bent pyramid and the red pyramid, both of which were
called "Snofru Gleams".

Chufu's pyramid was called "The Horizon of Chufu".

> The first pyramid - the step pyramid
> at Saqqara, built in the 3rd dynasty

That was Djoser's six-step pyramid (ca. 2630 BC)
which had been erected over an early mastaba.

> "Could it have been that the Benben stone itself was a meteorite? A signal
> from the celestial realm to the earthly realm, something that is worshipped
> as a sign from the heavens? Well, it is a rather tantalising suggestion," Dr
> Wilkinson said.

Bauval, Gilbert, and Hancock - the authors of "Unlocking the Secrets of
the Pyramids" and "A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind" - think so.

Good Night,

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