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From: Ginger Mayfield <chikadee_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:23 2004
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You can bet I would be interested in any secrets that Tom
could share. The biggest problem I have is getting a decent
lower power view. When I zoom out, I get the vignetting
which I then have to crop from the image. Nailing the focus
is also tricky through a microscope. I usually fine tune
the focus with the microscope, not the camera. Every once
in awhile I get lucky. John, I very much enjoyed your
images - especially the Bilanga, which is such an awesome
thin section. Dean also has some really nice thin section


Michael Blood wrote:
> Hi Tim & John,
> I, too, enjoyed your thin section photos, John.
> http://www.meteorites.org
> I have also seen decent thin section photos by Ginger Mayfield
> and, on rare occasion, I have taken a couple of tollerable
> ones. This, in spite of trying all of the following with limited
> success:
> - digital, with an adaptor through the ocular
> - 35mm through an adaptor designed for my microscope
> - digital photos of SEVERAL DIFFERENT Microfiche reader screens
> - ETC.
> So, John, please don't take this personally. Your work
> is as good as I have seen - with one exception: the photo work
> by Tom Toffoli, in Meteorite Magazine. I have never seen what
> I would consider to be a really excellent photo of a meteorite
> thin section, except the outstanding photographs one of our
> own has achieved: Tom Toffoli. I don't think anyone could
> see his work in the latest issue and debate its outstanding
> quality.
> I wonder if Tom would be willing to share his seacrets for
> outstanding
> thin section photography with us?
> Howsabout it, Tom?
> Would other list members be interested in being able to
> produce photos like the ones in the current issue of
> METEORITE? I know I certainly would.
> Sincerely, Michael
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