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                            6th Course/Workshop:



                       ERICE-SICILY: 17 - 25 JUNE 2001


Sponsored by the:

   * European Space Agency (ESA)
   * Italian Ministry of University, Scientific Research and Technology
   * Italian Space Agency (ASI)
   * USA National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
   * Japan Institute for Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS)
   * Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
   * Sicilian Regional Government


                           PROGRAMME AND LECTURERS

The threat
Mitigation techniques
NEO parent bodies
NEO sizes, albedos, compositions
Space missions to comets
Comet nuclei (Deep Impact)
IR from space: from past to future
Asteroid thermal models
Asteroids: surface structure
Asteroid internal structure
Comet nuclei
Radio tomography
Seismic wave propagation
Comet thermal structure
Comet nucleus evolution
Asteroid structure and spin rates
Meteorite experiments
Laboratory experiments for comets
>From grains to asteroids
Links between comets and asteroids
Interstellar dust and meteorites

   * M. A'Hearn, University of Maryland, MD, USA
   * J. Benkhoff, DLR Berlin, D
   * A. Cellino, Observatory of Torino, I
   * A. F. Cheng, JHAPL, USA
   * M. DELBO', DLR Berlin, D
   * J. M. Greenberg, University of Leiden, NL
   * W. F. Huebner, SWRI, San Antonio, TX, USA
   * H. U. Keller, MPI Lindau, D
   * W. Kofman, Observatory of Grenoble, F
   * A. Kouchi, Hokkaido University, J
   * D. Morrison, NASA, CA USA
   * T. Mukai, Kobe University, J
   * P. Paolicchi, University of Pisa, I
   * S. Price, Lincoln Laboratory, USA
   * J. Remo, Harvard University, Cambridge, CA, USA
   * G. Schwehm, ESTEC, NL
   * S. Sirono, Nagoya University, J
   * D. J. Tholen, University of Hawaii, USA
   * J. Walker, SWRI, San Antonio, TX, USA
   * T. Yamamoto, Nagoya University, J
   * H. Yano, ISAS, J
   * A. Zaitsev, Lavochkin Association, RU
   * V. Zappala, Observatory of Torino, I


                       PURPOSE OF THE COURSE/WORKSHOP

The main objectives of the Workshop are to learn what we know now and what
and how we can learn more about the physical and chemical properties of
potential earth impactors; namely, asteroids and comets, with the ultimate
aim of providing the best possible data for mitigation procedures. A major
concern to the world is the potential devastation produced by impacts of
cosmic objects from space. For this reason we consider as a subtitle for the
school: 'KNOW YOUR ENEMY'. The lectures will be devoted to consideration of
all possible means - from theoretical to experimental to remote
observational to space observational, and space in situ measurements - for
obtaining the internal structure and composition of asteroids and comets.
The course will include a series of workshops that will summarize and
supplement the lectures and provide suggestions for further studies in the
application of all techniques that can be used to provide a database on
cosmic object properties. A significant consequence of the course will be
its application to knowledge of the formation of the Solar System. This
course, as was the case for all the previous courses in the Space Chemistry
School, is highly interdisciplinary, bringing together experts with a wide
variety of chemical, physical, and technical backgrounds in theory,
laboratory astrophysics, ground-based observations, and space-based
observations as well as applications.



Interested candidates should send a letter to the Co-Director of the

   * Professor Walter F. HUEBNER
     Southwest Research Institute
     P. O. Drawer 28510
     SAN ANTONIO, TX 78228-0510, USA
     e-mail: whuebner_at_swri.edu


i) date and place of birth together with present nationality;
ii) degree and other academic qualifications;
iii) present position and place of work.

     Participants should try to arrive in Erice on June 17, not later than 5
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