[meteorite-list] NEW Auction site (bargain haggle one on one)

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:22 2004
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 [Steve S.]
<< I found a new auction site that may eliminate the problems of "snip" and
"last minute" bids, as well as "shill" bidding. Its called "Bargain Haggle"
and it allows one to list an item as in an open auction, but unlie E=bay it
will then has the option go to one on one, without all the last minute BS
that goes on at E-bay.

Check it out, what do you think? >>

Cool - looks like a very interesting variation. Great that there are more
and more choices of auction formats, so that people who are uncomfortable
with one may have options for others. They're all bound to have advantages
and disadvantages, but at least they give people choices. Steve is convinced
that allowing people to place << last minute bids>> is a bad thing, or "BS",
whereas most ebayers (especially sellers!) don't see it that way. This new
format might be just the ticket for those who agree with him, athough it
seems to me that an accompanying DISadvantage is that it allows the seller to
just toy around with prospective buyers, as he is under absolutely no
obligation to sell if he doesn't feel like it, for any reason. To quote
their rules: "You are under no obligation to sell until an offer is
accepted." I'd be willing to bet that a lot of bidders will be discouraged
by a great deal of time-spent "bargaining and haggling" as they call it, only
to find that the seller backs out of the auction altogether.....a <<problem>>
 which doesn't exist with ebay or traditional in-person auctions. But, hey,
the more (choices) the merrier!

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