[meteorite-list] Jordan Fall

From: Martin Horejsi <martinh_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:22 2004
Message-ID: <B716DE65.179D%martinh_at_isu.edu>

Ron kindly replied to the question about a recent Jordan fall:

> I don't think they've recovered anything. This is probably one of
> those cases where a fireball is sighted, and people rush to a spot
> where they think it may have fallen, but it may have burned up and
> never reached the surface.

Hi Ron and all,

We should have an update soon. Mike Farmer left for Jordan last week and
should be back this week, if not already.

By the way Ron, it seems you are somewhat of a hero. When I was at Kennedy
Space Center for the launch of the Mars 2001 Odyssey mission, Lynn Lowery
said that you noticed, via your webcam, water flowing on the floor where the
Mars spacecraft was housed. You were able to contact the right people soon
enough to stop the flood from reaching damaging the spacecraft, and thus,
once again reaffirming that JPL does indeed stand for "Just Plain Lucky."

By the way Ron, what were you doing looking at your website late on a Friday
night anyway?


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