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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:44 2004
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There was another effect that I did not mention.

I was near a telephone line and there was hissing sounds going up and down the line. Quite amazing.

Steve Schoner.

On Sat, 31 March 2001, Ginger Mayfield wrote:

> Steve,
> Very happy to hear that you were able to see it. I have
> seen several auroras before but nothing to compare with last
> night!! There were several of us in our local astronomy
> club who were on our list talking back and forth about the
> possibility and monitoring the indices for the proton hit on
> the NOAA site.
> http://www.sec.noaa.gov/today.html
> I had mostly cloudy skies and had just gone out to check
> things out and noticed that the clouds were clearing but
> leaving behind a kind of weird fog. Keep in mind that I'm
> on top of a mountain range in Colorado at 9400 ft. I went
> back in and was about to send a note to our club list that I
> didn't see anything but decided to go back out and check
> again. I stepped out on my deck and the sky was a deep red
> to the north, the east, the west and directly overhead.
> Looked like a scene from a sci-fi movie!! The snow on the
> ground was glowing the most unreal color of red I've ever
> seen. I ran in and sent a message and went back out again.
> The Moon was setting in the west behind this red misty
> curtain. Gradually the red areas became less intense and it
> clouded up and snowed for about 10 minutes. I almost went
> to sleep then but sure enough the snow ended and it began to
> clear again and there was a green/grey curtain to the north
> covering most of the northern sky up to about 45 degrees,
> with spires moving up and down. This glowing curtain
> remained until I finally gave it up about 0330 MST. Some of
> my friends down in town went out east and got some nice pics
> although they didn't see much of the red part. It's a shame
> that it was cloudy just a few miles to the north in Denver
> and Boulder. I'm hoping for a repeat tonight but I doubt
> I'll ever see any aurora as beautiful as last night. That
> was a once in a lifetime experience. It was seen in many
> places where the skies were clear, as far south as LA and
> Tucson. By the way, the sunspot that set off the aurora is
> huge and quite dramatic with magnification and a solar
> filter. I just took some pics will try to post them
> somewhere and give a link later on.
> Ginger
> meteorites_at_space.com wrote:
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> > >
> > After reading this post I went outside to meet my wife and daughter returning from a friend's house. I told them that we had to go from Flagstaff's bright lights (not so bright) as there was an intense auroral display going on.
> >
> > My daughter said "See, I told you mom, that something strange was going on in the sky. And she pointed up, almost directly overhead at a pearly green streamer, the sight of which I could plainly see. I was thrilled as I had always wanted to see an aurora, so we got into the car and went out of town. Immediately I saw that the San Francisco Peaks were outlined against a pearly blue green light. It was tremendous. We found a not to dark place, as it seemed everyone was out and about on that country road with their brights on. But even then we could see the glow. And there to the west was the most spectacular red glow I had ever seen, and streamers came and went in short order.
> >
> > It was really something. And it must have been great for my daughter and wife as their night vision is much better than mine.
> >
> > It was cold last night, and they wanted to go back home. After I dropped them off, I went to the dark skies of the Naval Observatory outside of town, and by the time I got there it was really spectacular. The SF Peaks were still clearly backlit with a greenish blue glow, and now the streamers projected almost a third the way up into the sky. The red glow was broad, and almost due west, and there was a bluish glow to the east. Then as a finale, a ray extended up from the east side of the peaks, and broadened into a whitish green curtain which in a matter of less than a minute turned into a red one with bright whitish green streamers extending up into the sky.
> >
> > It was tremendous, and fulfillment of a wish that I would someday see such a sight (It does not happen very often here in Flagstaff, and the last time was in 1977, and I missed it)
> >
> > If http://www.spacew.com; and http://www.spaceweather.com predict the same for tonight GO OUT TO DARK SKIES AND WATCH !
> >
> > It is well worth it.
> >
> > Steve Schoner
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