[meteorite-list] A Most Amazing "Stretch" tektite (more photos)

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:43 2004
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Four more photos of this unusual stretch tektite.

The green element has been accentuated so as to better show the stretched areas.




In looking at the examples of known "elbows" and this one a thought comes to mind that these forms may not be so much the result of spinning.

But instead the form might be caused by atmospheric pressure against a dumbell or elongated mass that orients in the atmosphere after cooling in a vacuum. The bend is caused when the semi-solid oriented mass then gives at the weakest point.

In my example it gave away completely, and the two pieces were spinning tangentally along the axis of the break.

With respect to thin elongated masses that orient against atmospheric pressure, I encountered one Glorieta meteorite of about 41 grams that was bent into a horseshoe shape by atmospheric pressure. The sharpest point of the bend revealed stretching and cracks in the metal (Mike Farmer now owns this very unusual Glorieta specimen).

If in the case of these tektites they oriented in the semi-molten state the effect would be a bend with a taffy looking area or if completely separated specimens like the one shown here:

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