[meteorite-list] Tektites, penguins and meteorites

From: ari machiz <a_machiz_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:43 2004
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Hi List,

I have to ask a couple of questions. The first is
regarding tektites for the FAQ page. My question is
very specific.

Is there the possibility that Tektites are not the
result of an impact? That is, could they be the result
of a Tunguska type event OR could tektites be the
actual meteorite as opposed to the result of a
meteorite impact?

What is the difference between a tektite and an impact
melt? Would the material I have been seeing on e-bay
lately from Sudbury be a melt?

finally, about the penguins and the meteorites. Well,
no one really knows how homing pigeons find their way
home. One theory is that they follow a magnetic field.
This seems...possible I suppose, but then the pigeons
can find a ship at sea. It is not in the same place as
when the pigeon left.

Shall I write a song about scattered thoughts?

The connection is really pretty obvious. Birds and

If penguins burn more energy than other animals going
X number of kilometers due to the placement of their
kneecaps, hee hee, doesn't that mean that they had
better have an idea where to find the rocks? Maybe I'm
wrong. How far would you have to travel to find a rock
in that environment?

I would sure hate to be a penguin trying to FIND a
rock. Do you think that Penguins might be able to pick
up on the magnetism of the meteorites?


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