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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:43 2004
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On Mon, 26 March 2001, Kelly Webb wrote:

> Hi, Al, Steve, List,
> Thanks for re-posting the story, Al.
> That's what I was trying to say about this variety of radiometric
> dating. (Somehow, my post picked up Steve's UNIX long line; don't know
> how I did that.*) In this case, I was trying to point out that the
> potential margin for error was so great, you could ignore the dating. I
> said, "if you wanted to ignore Lafayette's supposed 13,000 year date as
> a practical matter, you'd probably be on reasonably good ground."
> With all this petrological data, I can see you'd have to! Which just
> proves all our points...
> Kelly
It would be very interesting to find out what radiometric terrestrial dating methods will turn up with regards to NWA 482, a lunite. Thanks to Frank Cressy, I obtained a 2.162 g piece of this meteorite and it appears to be absolutely fresh. There is no weathering to be seen in the piece I have. But then again, the environment of North West Africa is very dry.

Steve Schoner

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