[meteorite-list] MIR Part Vanished Fast

From: Francis Graham <francisgraham_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:42 2004
Message-ID: <20010325191134.13677.qmail_at_web12907.mail.yahoo.com>

Dear Mike and Gregory, and list,
   Thank you very much for your information on this. I
wondered why it vanished so fast from e-bay.
   I did wonder too how a part from the South Pacific
could get on e-bay in less than 24 hours after impact
after being picked up by a fishing boat. The fishing
boats according to reports were about 300 miles from
the nearest big settlement, Fiji, in a tuna field;
while I assume electronic transmission from the boat
was possible certainly authentication isn't likely
that fast. I mean, how did the owner know it didn't
come from debris thrown over another ship? At 30
knots, 300 miles is still about 7.5 hours; I don't
know if there is even a Russian consulate at Fiji. And
an immediate $2K bidder?
   So...the answer to the mystery is, Mike,then you
contacted e-bay and got them to pull the ad. Did
anyone capture the image of the "MIR" part? I'd sure
like the image. Mike, can you request e-bay send the
picture to me? I am just curious if it can be matched
to anything MIR. I wish I'd've pressed "print" when I
first saw the ad, but I didn't.
   The commercialization of the MIR impact has other
frauds of course besides selling of questionable
parts; for example, what were the chances really of
MIR hitting the Taco Bell Bull's eye??.
   Thanks again everyone.


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