[meteorite-list] MIR part vanished fast!

From: Mark Miconi <mam602_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:42 2004
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I complained to Ebay, I am a seller on Ebay and Marketplace Credibility was
at stake.
Look at it logically, Over 5000sq miles of ocean, entry speeds exceeding 500
mph, part made of materials that do not float. What are the odds that a
fishing boat was close enough to a site where a part hit and caught it
before it sank. Oh and factor in that it would penetrate the water with the
velocities that were possible.

Recently someone sold their soul on Ebay, those of us that make a living
using Ebay can not afford that kind of stuff. If people do not take it
seriously when you tell them that you can move something on Ebay, because
they think it is NOT a credible marketplace, due to Fraud.

I wrote Ebay and asked that they please consider the media hit they could
take, and asked them to with hold any MIR posting until they come up with a
POLICY and Rules that govern the authentication of MIR articles before
someone sells a bike part from the Schwinn in their garage and the media has
a field day.

In my own opinion, anything that is real can wait to be checked out,
anything that isn't will come to the top. When real pieces of MIR start
washing up on shore in the south pacific there will be enough of it to go
around. But to have someone selling a piece of a clamp from an outboard
structure, that was made of metal, when they claimed to have fished it from
the water with a net...come on.....

I may still have a copy of what I sent ebay if anyone is really interested.

I also am not stupid enough to think that my lowly letter is what prompted
Ebay to take MIR items off. Anyone watchiing CSPAN in the last month surely
saw that the president of EBAY is one intelligent woman. She is going to
make Ebay a global marketplace WITH NO land based analog equivalent and I
for one plan on riding that wave.

Complaints and flames can be directed to me....Mark Miconi
Ebay Seller "DesertCrystal"
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Subject: [meteorite-list] MIR part vanished fast!

> List,
> The MIR piece recovered and placed on e-bay (item
> 1226548701) was removed before the bid time was up.
> What happened? Anyone know? Did anyone capture an
> image of it?? What gives? Please educate me; obviously
> I am naive and unsophisticated in the trade of space
> artifacts.
> Francis Graham
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