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From: Matson, Robert <ROBERT.D.MATSON_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:42 2004
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Hi Ari,

> 13. I have recently read about fossil bacteria in
> Martian meteorites, lunar meteorites, and the
> Murchison meteorite. Have we finally discovered life
> in any of these meteorites?

You should probably amend your question to read, "Have
we finally discovered *evidence* of *extraterrestrial*
life in any of these meteorites?" I would say the jury
is still out on this one. There are some compelling
arguments that microscopic magnetite crystals have been
found within some meteorites in arrangements that are
difficult to explain from a non-biological perspective.
Not exactly a smoking gun, but certainly curious.

As the saying goes, extraordinary claims require
extraordinary proof. In my inexpert opinion, we're
not there yet. In essence, you would need to prove
beyond any conceivable doubt that there is no natural
inorganic mechanism by which these magnetite structures
could form.

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