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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:41 2004
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On Wed, 21 March 2001, "Roman Jirasek" wrote:

> that we will deal only in that which is "authentic." This may seem obvious,
> but with all the fakes, and "romansells" and others like that selling
> meteorwrongs on ebay, and presenting themselves as "legit meteorite dealers"
> I think such an agreement among us is long overdue. And it should be a
> public agreement.
> ____________________________________________________
> This is quite the issue.
> There are many roman's on ebay! I tried to get "roman" when I joined ebay.
> Obviously there are a lot of Roman's that buy & sell.
> Please don't think of me as the wrong roman.
> I'm the one that sells meteorite labels and real meteorite stuff.
> Most of you know this, but now a few new people do too.
> Best regards,
> roman...
> Roman Jirasek
> www.meteoritelabels.com

You are not the "romansells" in question. The guy that has used that Ebay ID has had some questionable "meteor*****" and whether he is still selling such stuff, I do not know. (I rarely check Ebay anymore).

But you are not the one that went by "romansells"

Steve Schoner

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