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From: Walter Branch <waltbranch_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:41 2004
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Hello Eveyone:

To me, a dealer is someone who:

Has a business license.
Pays local, state, and/or federal taxes on sales.
Depreciates inventory.
Offsets capital gains with loses (hopefully not too much)

A collector is someone who does not engage in the above.

One can be a dealer or collector or both.

Being unfamliar with the tax laws of other countries, I restrict my comments
above to only US citizons.


Walter Branch, Ph.D.
Branch Meteorites
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> Dear Collectors and Dealers;
> I apologize for any of MY narrow minded comments.
> In my defense, I think that defining dealer and collector is prudent.
> Here we go. You tell me....err...the list.
> If I get a chance to purchase or trade for three pieces of XYZ
> meteorite, and sell one for minor cash (associate has money but no
> meteorites that I need so I take cash...or even a used gps unit, value
> does change hands at any rate...mmm). Then the third piece is wanted by
> some high dollar collector and he offers enough cash incentive to
> completely pay for the other two. Dealer?
> I run into a wandering sheep herder and he sells me a bag of meteorites
> that he found. I have fifty pounds of an unknown and in need of
> classification meteorites. Dealer? If I send a sample to a lab and
> have an instant line of you good folks at my door step all wanting
> some, dealer? I locate the finders strewnfield and do the logistics on
> the remaining stones, dealer?
> If I sell a rusting Nantan to an associate that has none, dealer? Ok,
> if I do it five times to my rockhound buddies, dealer? If I can buy
> some gibeon slices and sell a few to teachers, or the local library and
> pay for a new little piece of ABC meteorite, dealer? If I trade off my
> XYZ and buy ABC and give some to science? Dealer? Sell to science?
> Dealer?
> If I have a car that I do not use and sell it, dealer? If I have a yard
> full of useless junkers and sell five, dealer? In Wyoming I would need
> a dealer license for tax purposes when I sold the fifth one.
> If I buy a pickup truck load of backyard petrified wood because I see
> one rare cycad log in the pile, and sell the rest of the load for what I
> paid for it. Is that dealing? If I sell it and double my money, or ten
> fold the profit ratio? What then?
> Comic books, coins, barbie dolls, horses, cars, ANTIQUES, all are
> traded, how do they distinguish the difference between trading and
> dealing? All sound attempts to make value ascend rather than decline in
> any dealings...dealing?
> Yard sale? Meteorite yard sale? Dealer?
> I guess before I blindly offer dealer and collector on the same table, I
> humbly ask all to define "dealer" and "collector" as I seem to be more
> narrow in my concept of each and have dug myself a largely impacted
> crater.
> Help, I have rocks in my head.
> Dave Freeman
> ari machiz wrote:
> > Not entropydave,
> > I am only a collector at this juncture, but am finding
> > it might be prudent to wheel. I don't think I will be
> > dealing for some time. As far as being narrow minded,
> > well, :-P~~~
> > Ari :-)
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