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From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:41 2004
Message-ID: <3AB8D11C.9B886422_at_fascination.com>

Dear Collectors and Dealers;
I apologize for any of MY narrow minded comments.
In my defense, I think that defining dealer and collector is prudent.
Here we go. You tell me....err...the list.
If I get a chance to purchase or trade for three pieces of XYZ
meteorite, and sell one for minor cash (associate has money but no
meteorites that I need so I take cash...or even a used gps unit, value
does change hands at any rate...mmm). Then the third piece is wanted by
some high dollar collector and he offers enough cash incentive to
completely pay for the other two. Dealer?

I run into a wandering sheep herder and he sells me a bag of meteorites
that he found. I have fifty pounds of an unknown and in need of
classification meteorites. Dealer? If I send a sample to a lab and
have an instant line of you good folks at my door step all wanting
some, dealer? I locate the finders strewnfield and do the logistics on
the remaining stones, dealer?

If I sell a rusting Nantan to an associate that has none, dealer? Ok,
if I do it five times to my rockhound buddies, dealer? If I can buy
some gibeon slices and sell a few to teachers, or the local library and
pay for a new little piece of ABC meteorite, dealer? If I trade off my
XYZ and buy ABC and give some to science? Dealer? Sell to science?

If I have a car that I do not use and sell it, dealer? If I have a yard
full of useless junkers and sell five, dealer? In Wyoming I would need
a dealer license for tax purposes when I sold the fifth one.

If I buy a pickup truck load of backyard petrified wood because I see
one rare cycad log in the pile, and sell the rest of the load for what I
paid for it. Is that dealing? If I sell it and double my money, or ten
fold the profit ratio? What then?

Comic books, coins, barbie dolls, horses, cars, ANTIQUES, all are
traded, how do they distinguish the difference between trading and
dealing? All sound attempts to make value ascend rather than decline in
any dealings...dealing?

Yard sale? Meteorite yard sale? Dealer?

I guess before I blindly offer dealer and collector on the same table, I
humbly ask all to define "dealer" and "collector" as I seem to be more
narrow in my concept of each and have dug myself a largely impacted
Help, I have rocks in my head.
Dave Freeman

ari machiz wrote:

> Not entropydave,
> I am only a collector at this juncture, but am finding
> it might be prudent to wheel. I don't think I will be
> dealing for some time. As far as being narrow minded,
> well, :-P~~~
> Ari :-)
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