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From: Rob and Colleen <iguana_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:39 2004
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My wife once made mention of me sleeping with my meteorites some day. I'll try
the tektite mind expansion challenge but, swear to God, if I get caught, I'm
sending her to you to bail me out of this one.
Rob Wesel

Michael Blood wrote:

> >Anyone have any kind one-liners for deflecting people intent on a
> >discussion of the spiritual qualities of meteorites,
> -----
> Hi Stuart, Tracy & others,
> What is WRONG with them having an interest in the vibrational
> rate of meteorites? All physical existance is actually various
> vibrational
> rates. "Heaven and Earth" has probably turned on dozens if not hundreds
> of new collectors via Moldavite and Tibetanites.
> My sweetie drug me off to "The metaphysical coradore" in Tucson
> (a floor in the motel that houses "Heaven & Earth" now has MANY Hookie-
> Zookie display rooms - some are quite interesting (one was a "goddess"
> artist that did some BEAUTIFUL sculptures in various stones) and some
> are down
> right creepy (my favorite in this catagory was a woman who "chanelled"
> a "new message" that we really have 12 chacras, not just 7 (guess those
> ol'
> Tibentan Buddhists were outa touch). Furthermore, she was CREEPIE - made
> me nervous when she got close! Was afraid she might touch me and I
> would catch whatever was wrong with her.
> However....I challange ANYONE on the list to put a Tibetan Tektite
> under your pillow for 3 nights and NOT have a VIVID dream! I, of course,
> had serious doubts about this claim - so tried it myself - dang me if it
> doesn't work! Doesn't matter whether you "believe in it" or not - go
> ahead, try it. (use at least a 5g specimen - I suggest you put it in a
> little
> cloth bag to keep from rolling over in the night and etching your teeth
> with it).
> When they want to "discuss" metoerite vibes, perhaps that is an
> excellent opportunity to "turn them onto" all the different petrological
> types, suggesting they do "research" into the "spiritual" qualities of
> each
> one, and let you know next time they see you.
> So, if some Hippie Dippy types are "into" the vibes - so what? Maybe
> they will have to get all different petrological types to have a
> "complete
> set" of all the different meteorite vibes! Oooooo....and the moon....!
> Keep them vibes a'commin!
> PS: I never hugged a tree.
> Michael
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