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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:39 2004
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A friend of mine made a find while nugget hunting on march 2. My
question to the list is "what next"? We have hunted gold basin and
generally know what a meteorite looks like. This find ,by the way, was a
cple hundred miles from gold basin. That's as specific as he will let me
get as he didn't have time to investigate for a strewn field. Although
he has hunted the area extensivly and only found some gold, he want's to
go back and look futher befor revealing the location.It is obviously
newer as it is in much better shape than gb's and it is oriented. We've
been trying to get up to speed on meteorites thru our research but
nothing tell's how to go about selling something like this. My friend is
not even sure he want's to sell it. He's seen a few meteorites
including morroccon's and say's it's the nicest one he's seen. If he had
to make a guess he would say high L's, cause it slammed on to his super
magnet. Recovered from 8-10 inch's, it has caliche on it. How should it
be cleaned? It is 76 grams. Earl Newland ,new list member
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