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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:39 2004
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Hi Rob,
        This brings up a VERY interesting topic: when I first started
collecting meteorites, I thought "the finder" was always recorded -
of course, once I got "the Blue Book" I realized that was almost
never the case.
        I wonder why that is? There is a great deal made of the longetude
& latitude, and NOTHING about the actual find, except occasional
interesting stories - usually leaving out the name(s) of the parties
        Monica, as the latest editor of "The Blue Book" do you see any
possibility of details regarding the individuals who FIND the metoeites
being included in future documentation? If not, perhaps you would
be willing to share with us why. I guess I can see that it would have
limited scientific value - but only limited, not entirely non existant.
        Thanks, Michael
Rob and Colleen wrote: 
> Hello folks-
> I'm looking for information surrounding the discovery of both Bondoc and
> Dalgety Downs. I have all the specs as to year, type, weight, location
> but nothing as to who found them and/or how they were found. If there
> are any stories out there on these two please mail me off-list or on,
> your descretion.
> Thanks in advance,
> Rob Wesel
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