[meteorite-list] Re: New Research on Moon's origins/Dinosaur Extinction (was Eucrites)

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:38 2004
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If the moon was only a few meters from earth 65 million years ago, then how close
was it 3.2 billion years ago when the accumulations were deposited? Something
does not make sense.

Rick K. (SpaceRocks)

"E.L. Jones" wrote:

> Seems a local researcher in Kutzown University in PA has been researching tides
> from 3.2 billion years ago. Samples of un metamorphosed sand/mud stones from
> deep South African Mines have lain undisturbed for these 3.2 billion years but
> when laid down, the daily mud over sand accumulations are uniformly regular.
> This shows a very circular lunar orbit and favors Impactor /eject a theory
> versus the capture theory --which would have had a very elliptical orbit and
> produced nonuniform bands of sediments.
> Seems that the moon is slowly pulling away from the earth a little bit each day
> and the tides are getting longer. If you do a reverse calculation one can see
> that the moon was much closer to the earth in times past. Theoretically , only
> a few meters around 65 million years ago. This may have been the cause of
> extinction of the dinosaurs... well the tall ones anyway.......<G>
> Elton
> Meteordealer wrote:
> > <SNIP>. It was even thought not long ago that the moon was an
> > Asteroid that was captured by the Earth's gravity.
> >
> > Brad Sampson
> > meteor.dealer_at_gte.net
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