[meteorite-list] Re: New Research on Moon's origins/Dinosaur Extinction (was Eucrites)

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:38 2004
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On Sat, 10 March 2001, "E.L. Jones" wrote:

> Seems a local researcher in Kutzown University in PA has been researching tides
> from 3.2 billion years ago. Samples of un metamorphosed sand/mud stones from
> deep South African Mines have lain undisturbed for these 3.2 billion years but
> when laid down, the daily mud over sand accumulations are uniformly regular.
> This shows a very circular lunar orbit and favors Impactor /eject a theory
> versus the capture theory --which would have had a very elliptical orbit and
> produced nonuniform bands of sediments.
> Seems that the moon is slowly pulling away from the earth a little bit each day
> and the tides are getting longer. If you do a reverse calculation one can see
> that the moon was much closer to the earth in times past. Theoretically , only
> a few meters around 65 million years ago. This may have been the cause of
> extinction of the dinosaurs... well the tall ones anyway.......<G>
> Elton
> Meteordealer wrote:
> > <SNIP>. It was even thought not long ago that the moon was an
> > Asteroid that was captured by the Earth's gravity.
> >
> > Brad Sampson
> > meteor.dealer_at_gte.net


What about Gessler's assertion that Millbillillie meteorites are moon rocks?

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