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From: Mike Farmer <farmerm_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:36 2004
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YES< YES <YES!!!! I am glad to see some logic come into play other than my own.
I have also asked the same questions. No response...........
I have heard the same things, no more meteorites in Morocco, too hunted, Algeria
is the place now, but even that is drying up. Soon the flood will end.
Oh Dean, be sure and carry your latex gloves so that you can recover the
meteorites without contaminating them like Mr Franco, that was a great idea, too
bad I never thought of it, oh well, I never found any out there either, and I
did search a while.
Have fun, Ill see you there in two weeks.
Mike Farmer

dean bessey wrote:

> You know farmer, I have been thinking about one of your other comments about
> franco - that he buys all of his stuff in morocco and not finding them like
> he says. Now I am not going to agree or disagree with you since I havent
> seen francos meteorites so I dont know if they look like moroccos or
> something different - and also I never herd a nomad or anybody say that
> franco has been buying in morocco. So I wont make an opinion one way or the
> other.
> However, I do wonder about something. You have been to morocco. I dont know
> about you but I spent a couple days out into the desert. I tore the crap out
> of a tiny fiat to explore the moroccan desert. Next time I go I am going to
> get a land rover instead. But you know what? Every #$%_at_* rock in eastern
> morocco is black. You would have a hell of a time finding meteorites there.
> But of course I wasnt seriously searching (Yes, I admit it. I am guilty in
> francos court. I was doing the ungodly thing. Yes, i was buying).
> However my opinion is not as important here as what the nomads say. I might
> just have been taking a wrong approach to searching - after all I dont have
> my own finds to back up my ideas. What the nomads say is that they dont find
> meteorites in morocco anymore. One nomad (With a lot of meteorites) told me
> that he hasnt found one in morocco for over a year. They have to go further
> and further away all of the time to find new meteorites (This is the nomads
> talking - not me).
> Erfoud is a tiny town. You go to see the sand dune and a couple little
> villages but there is not much else to do as a tourist. There is not much to
> see and no beer drinking establishments filled with scantally clad
> sinoriitas to keep you up late at night. In fact by the third day in erfoud
> you would be getting pretty bored of the place (If you even managed to
> survive the first day). Now myself, I kept myself occupied for over a week
> but well, I was buying meteorites and trilobites. Eastern morocco is a
> pretty good place for buying meteorites and trilobites. Not so great a place
> to search.
> Morocco is also probably the most meteorite hunted out spot in all of the
> sahara.
> Now, as i said earlier, I dont have my own finds so I may not have the best
> of ideas but if I was going hunting for meteorites where would I search?
> I would find a place with very few black rocks and where there is the best
> chanch that nobody has searched before me. Virgin desert. The sahara is
> huge. plenty of places to fit that discription.
> However Franco (Who has his own finds so he has better success than me)
> decides that the best place in the desert to search for meteorites is in a
> volcanic area with tons of dark magnetic rocks strewn around everywhere for
> hundreds of miles and what is by far the most searched over area in all of
> the sahara.
> He has to be searching in that area for meteorites. (He dont buy there so
> his reasons for going is not the same as mine). He spends a hell of a lot of
> time in that place to sit around in the desert sun doing nothing. As I said,
> unless he is buying or searching for meteorites (Or fossils) you get bored
> of that place pretty quick.
> Franco has his own finds and I dont. Maybe I am thinking all wrong. The next
> time I go I will find the most over hunted area with the most dark rocks
> possible and search there - just like franco. However, unlike franco, I wont
> be spending weeks suntanning around in sahara desert. I will keep myself
> occupied by buying meteorites and fossils.
> What do you do with all of the time that you spend in erfoud anyway Franco
> if you dont buy stuff there?
> PS:
> Yes, I am going to morocco again soon. And yes, I will rent a landrover and
> go searching for my own meteorites. However, the main plans for the trip is
> a buying trip. I am not going there to seriously search the desert. I have
> nomads hired to do that for me. I am going to buy and to pick up what the
> nomads have for me. If I was going on a strictly hunting trip I sure as hell
> wouldent go to morocco. There are many much better unsearched places to look
> over. The most hunted place in all of the world dont seem like the best
> place to hunt for meteorites.
> Franco must be doing something right though. I beleive him when he says that
> he has found everything that he has (Of course I sometimes beleive what the
> fossil dealers tell me to).
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