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From: Rhett Bourland <rbourlan_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:36 2004
Message-ID: <IOEBKAHMGFBDJMOFGDFNKEFGCFAA.rbourlan_at_evansville.net>

Part 1: To Rhett: Since you have publicly dispensed what I'm sure that
in your state of mind you considered worthwhile advice, I'd like to
offer you mine after reading your below message and then reviewing Dan
Khan's absolutely amazing, FREE, collectors' service site : Rhett, with
all due respect, I believe you should seek professional help !

+Why? Because I don't want to get SPAM'd? Getting advertisements from
dealers about new meteorites is one thing and that is welcome at anytime but
someone who probally knows nothing about meteorites and is just trying to
get traffic sending unsolicited email is SPAM and is something that is not

Part 2:
To Dan: Please ignore such raving and continue with God Speed to provide
such worthy services to the world-wide collecting communities. I
predict that you will someday soon be offering the English equivalent of
a "hot" American IPO - at which time I'd like to purchase some shares at
your company's Initial Public Offering

+Just like all the other wonderous dot-coms that are falling out right now.

price as I believe that
you've done one hell of a job building a better mousetrap. Part 3: To
fellow collectors of meteorites, fossils, arrowheads, coins, antiquities
and everything else: Do yourselves a big favor and click onto the below
ezweb collection URL. .... Cheers to you, Dan, jeers to Rhett, and may
the sky never cease to fall. Joel Goleman .....Note: Yes, you other
speculators, I know about initial-seed-money-investor issues, but I
didn't want to tip my hand. :~)

+ Actually, why don't you tip your hand and tell us all about it.

Rhett Bourland
Received on Thu 08 Mar 2001 08:50:10 AM PST

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