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From: tett <tett_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:36 2004
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Hello List,

Some of us Canadians did indeed have an incredible meteorite party

Thanks Laurie and Roman for being such gracious hosts and for putting
this party
together. It was great to have the party at their house among Roman's
collection which is truly awesome.

Dean Bessey was there with fantastic deals on Moroccan meteorites.
Boxes full
of stuff with surprisingly beautiful samples. Dean also showed off some
stuff that was gleaned from these Moroccan samples. A softball sized
chondrite that is chalked full of carbonaceous inclusions. Some nice
LL's, a
CO3, lots of the rare stuff too numerous to mention. Also in his
were chondrites with incredible flight markings and orientations. Dean
brought some great fossils and besides the meteorites I purchased from
him I
took home a 10" trilobite for my 11 year old son.

Many of the guests showed up with their private collections and I was
amazed at
what people had brought to the party. Of course, Canadian meteorites
desirable among the group and we saw incredible pieces of Springwater,
Manitawabing and others. I was thrilled to show my slice of Red Deer

We were also pleased to see three staff members from the Royal Ontario
(ROM) show up with some Holy Grails of Canadian meteorites. Half of the
pallasite, a gorgeous St. Robert individual, a nice slice of Osseo and
Wow! what a treat.

During the party David Andrews showed up and shared some of his
treasures. One
of the ROM staff mentioned to me that David has the midas touch when
meteorites and I soon found out why. First he showed and incredible
CR2 (~200 grams at least) which had the most gorgeous chondrule
definition I
have ever seen. He then goes out to his car and comes back with
beautiful LL3
samples and impact melt specimens. Again he went out and came back with
a flat
flight orientated L3 (I believe) with gorgeous flow lines. Yet again he
went to
his car and came back with a 6+Kg. show stopper. This meteorite is
being classified at UCLA (with many others from David) and initial
shows that it is an impact melt with cm wide metal veins. immediatly I
of Portales but with impact melt instead of ordinary chordate in the
stony part.

David would keep on going to his car and return with other beauties. We
making jokes that he was finding them under his seat. I should pass
along kudos
to David for being a ROM benefactor. He has donated many rare
meteorites to the
ROM and much of what we saw yesterday will end up in their hands.

Yesterday I was like a kid in a candy shop. Incredible meteorites,
great food
and conversation and tons of fun. Hopefully some pics will be posted

As a group we have decided to do this twice a year. Our next gathering
will be
about a month after the Denver show. All are welcome and we will post
information about this get together later on.


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