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<< I'm sure Rob will agree with me that it was a quite bizarre little
 documentary! >>

No kidding! It was a peculiar way of reporting and shown very early morning
on Channel 4.
At that hour, Channel 4 is well known for being risque and pushing the
boundaries of good taste in some of it's shows......there was even a warning
before "Meteorite Man" advising viewers that it contained strong language and
nudity (Andy's bare arse!).

<< << Andy (never heard a surname, maybe Rob will know) >>

I've spoken with Andy several times on the phone and recognised his voice on
tv, so I'm 99% sure he was Andy Spector from London. I think his meteorite
identification skills still need a bit of development, but it was a good
show.....although, I could have done without the bare backside during the
shower scene.

Rob Elliott.

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