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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:35 2004
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Hi folks.
I appreciate the feedback I have gotten on this page.
I want you to know that I might not use all the
answers that are submitted. By the same token, I might
use more than one answer for the same question. I can
assure you though, that I will do what is prudent.

I have permission to use Robert Haags glossary page
without linking to his site. I requested this because
I am not creating an add for anyone. There is however,
a section specifically dealing with dealers. I created
a link to a list of dealers already establish on the
meteorite central page. If you are not represented on
that page, I recommend writing the list moderator/web

I have recently received several answers. I am
therefore going to remove some of the questions from
the list.

That said, I am requesting your attention to the FAQ
page one more time. I see questions answered all the
time. As I present 40 questions, the task becomes a
little daunting and bit of a nuisance. I understand
this. Please consider answering just one question from
the list.

What is a meteorite?
1. What is a meteorite?

4. Where can I have a test performed to see if I have
a meteorite?

7. What is a tektite? Is a tektite a meteorite?

8. I have been told that when stone meteorites lose
their fusion crusts it is almost impossible to tell
them apart from terrestrial rocks. What type(s) of
terrestrial rock are being referred to?

9. What are the common "meteorwrongs" that are found?

Learning more about meteorites
10. Are meteorites hot when they fall?

13. Are there any minerals found in meteorites that
aren't found anywhere on earth?

14. How are meteorites classified and what do the
classifications mean?

15. What is a thin slice? Why are they interesting?

16. What is a Widmanstatten pattern?

17. I have recently read about fossil bacteria in
Martian meteorites, lunar meteorites, and the
Murchison meteorite. Have we finally discovered life
in any of these meteorites?

18. Why do scientists say that a meteorite killed the

19. How are meteorites formed?

Just Curious
20. Where on the Internet can I view photos of

21. Where can I see some large collections of

24. Do any meteorites exhibit radioactivity?

25. What happened in Tunguska?

26. Could we get sick with a strange disease from a
meteorite with Mars bacteria on it?

29. How can I get a meteorite named?

Buying a meteorite
30. Can people actually buy meteorites? Where?

31. I recently heard you can buy pieces of the Moon
and Mars, is this true?

33. How can I determine fair market value for a

34. What are the cheapest and most expensive

Caring for your meteorite
35. What are the best ways to store and protect my
meteorites from rust?

36. My iron meteorite is getting rusty. Can I clean

37. I am told that my meteorite has "caliche". How can
I get rid of it?

38. How do I remove saw marks from a meteorite

39. My meteorite slice has a dull surface. Can I
polish it? How?

40. What is a good book on meteorites?

41. Where can I get those little square/round plastic
boxes that some dealers keep meteorites in?

42. Where can I buy a Reiker mount box?

43. What is a good metal detector?

44. Which metal detector is right for me?

45. Are there special magnifiers or microscopes that
work well for meteorites? What about hand-held lenses?

46. Where can I buy strong magnets to use in the

47. Where can I buy lapidary supplies?

Please reply to this mail with your answers or respond
to Ari_at_Mediaright.tv
Thanks very much,

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