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From: Walter Branch <waltbranch_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:35 2004
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Hello Everyone,

I got a piece of NWA 482 yesterday. This is by far the best looking, most
fresh in appearance lunar meteorite I have seen.

I am also happy to see that a large portion was donated to a museum. I
can't imagine anyone being upset over the disposition of this meteorite:
scientists get their material to study, collectors get some for their
collections and the public can see what a beautiful meteorite this is!

Walter Branch, Ph.D.
Branch Meteorites
322 Stephenson Ave., Suite B
Savannah, GA 31405 USA
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> I am glad it was "salshed into slices" so I could own some and so
> could study it! Hooooooooooorah!
> Matt
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> Subject: [meteorite-list] Re: facing history ( was Hunting scams)
> History will rember that Mike Farmer as salshed into slices a wondefull
> unique oriented lunar meteorite, that Franco was not happy with that fact
> and expressed it.
> History will also remember that the Francos have found Dag 565 a primitive
> achondrite still unclassiifed (analysis started in 1998) that might prove
> something for both ureilites and winonaites parent bodies.
> And perhaps you Mike Framer will rember when I expalined how emotionnal
> for both of us to find a meteorite from the ground. Emotion, heard of it ?
> Best wishes
> Michel FRANCO
> 100 Chemin des Campènes
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> De : Mike Farmer
> À : Michel Franco
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> Envoyé : jeudi 1 mars 2001 16:39
> Objet : Hunting scams
> Why would you Care? How would you know who I bought my rock from if you
> never bought any meteorites in Morocco? Mr. Franco, it seems that you know
> the dealers but you never deal with them?
> Don't worry about how I pay for my trips, is it your business? you say
> only find, but I have a very hard tome believing that. All I keep hearing
> from you and others is that you only search, ALL I keep hearing from the
> Moroccans is that the "Hunters" buy,
> And I keep getting shit from the French (several different people) that
> should not go to Morocco, that it is "their territory" If none of you buy,
> then it matters not if I buy there. You may believe in the inherent
> of mankind, I believe what I see, and that is the some serious BULLSHIT
> been passed of to us all in the last 4 years by some people. What do the
> Moroccans have to gain or lose by telling us that the French and some
> Germans buy from them? Why do you think that they make this up. And when I
> say French, it is simply to avoid saying the long list of names that I
> who buy there. Just tell me why they might spout off all of these names,
> it is not true. Why do you think that they lie? What do they gain, do you
> think I pay more if they tell me that many French "Hunters" buy barrels of
> meteorites?
> As far as my stone goes, rest assured that proper payment has been and
> still under way for those who helped us. We paid dearly for a stone which
> did not know the type. When I bought items that turned out to be non
> meteoritic, I was told "Too bad" this is business" Take your chance. Well,
> we did with this one, and we hit pay dirt. So they took their chance, they
> sold it for over 10 to 20 YEARS salary for an average Moroccan, and they
> were quite happy,
> now I am happy too. Why can't you be, instead of getting pissed and
> me shit.
> It seems that the only people who are not happy for us are A, the FRENCH
> HUNTERS, why? If they are hunters, then they do not buy, this stone was
> bought, so it would not have fallen into their hands in the first place as
> they say that they DO NOT BUY. So I am seeing some interesting
> contradictions here, if you don't buy, and you only hunt, then you would
> NEVER have got this stone.
> Or is it that you hunt, and you also buy the RARE ONES?
> The plot thickens on the entire "Hunting thing".
> Does this make sense?
> I would like feedback from the list, if these people only hunt, why are
> they pissed that I BOUGHT a certain stone?
> Mike Farmer
> Michel Franco wrote:
> Farmer wrote<I do not doubt it, but after the Dar al Gani mars rocks,
> would seem that some dishonesty was occuring there, popping out a new
> every few months, as though they did not recognize it from the start as
> same damn thing.
> Mike Farmer > Seems that he should go in some easy places like DaG and
> prospect himself. he will certainly find all his meteorites on the same
> When some one see dishonest people everywhere, I feel unconfortable. I m a
> Rouseauist: mankind is good, with few exceptions, very few! I tried to
> explain one to Mike Farmer that Dag 476 and Dag 494 were not found by the
> same team. And that all other Dag SNC were found during separate
> expeditions.I never received any comment about that point. Mike you should
> go back yourself to the hunring field, and pick them up yourself without
> backers for your trips. $10 per gram was great deal, I hope you have
> sent a large reward to Ahmed Amouri. My two crusts. Michel FRANCO
> MeteorHntr_at_aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 2/28/01 1:44:23 PM Central Standard Time,
> GShanos_at_aol.com
> writes:
> Dear List Members:
> What is the official word? Are all the Dhofar's 025, 026 an 081
> paired?
> Look forward to hearing from everyone.
> Sincerely
> Greg Shanos
> Hello Greg,
> I have both he 025 and the 026 for sale and there is nothing
> remotely similar
> to them.
> With the Dhofar specimens, there is honest reporting of all the
> details of
> the find; such as the date of find, exact longitude and latitude
> the
> finds, accurate TKW info and the like. Also, these specimens have
> been found
> by professional meteorite hunters and not simply gathered by
> and then
> run through a system of handlers before brought to market like
> of the
> NWA specimens. This is not to be meant as a "slam" against the
> NWA's; I have
> sold a few NWA's myself and I will sell more in the future, it is
> simply a
> statement of fact.
> I think Mike Farmer has been the most open about explaining the
> state of
> meteorite affairs in Morocco. It is important to know however,
> Dhofar
> situation is far from like that.
> While much of a meteorite's value should stand on what type of a
> meteorite it
> is, not based on the exact location where it was found; one very
> important
> consideration in determining a potential value is the Total Known
> Weight
> found. It might be easy to figure out that all (or at least most
> all) of the
> EH3 specimen found in the Sahara will (or should be) paired, it is
> next to
> impossible to know if your Saharan H5 specimen is one of a a
> thousand stones
> from one fall, or if it might be the entire mass of a fall. Or
> might not
> know if next week a new fragment for the same fall of your new
> achondrite
> might increase the TKW by 10 fold.
> Thoughts to consider.
> As to the details of your specific question about pairing, you can
> find a lot
> of great information at Washington University's site here:
> http://epsc.wustl.edu/admin/resources/moon_meteorites.html
> I hope this helps.
> Steve
> Steve Arnold
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