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From: Sharkkb8_at_aol.com <Sharkkb8_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:36 2004
Message-ID: <10e.31252ff.289637d9_at_aol.com>

<< I asked him for an explanation, but so far no response. If he does not
come up with a satisfactory explanation he should be blocked from using this
list. >>

C'mon, gang, we're going over the same ol' territory here, and the facts just
aren't sinking in. First of all, Art Jones (meteorite-list-owner) sends
around a warning and an anlysis of the viruses AND asks everyone not to post
regarding them. But since that's being ignored....viruses are not knowingly
SENT by list-members. When a virus takes over a computer, it automatically,
with no input from its owner, generates emails "from" the infected computer,
to other email addresses, which have communicated with that computer before.
The infected-computer-owner has NO CONTROL over this. Probably most of us
have gotten infected emails from "gregoryd_at_attcanada.ca" but HE'S NOT
SENDING THEM OUT HIMSELF. His computer is at the mercy of the virus, and it
will continue to independently send out infected emails until he eradicates
the virus from his computer.

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