[meteorite-list] meteor-wrong collections and "The Emerald Meteorite"

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:35 2004
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<< <Anyone feel like starting a photo collection of their favorite
  << I already have a page with a bunch of meteorwrong photos on it. I'd be
happy to add photos of your or anybody elses meteorwrongs to it. You can see
it at http://www.star-bits.com/ID.htm >>

Martin also has a couple of pages dedicated to "meteorwrongs" in his "Global
Collection", which (thankfully) we've all been reminded about lately, it's a
fun site: http://aristotle.isu.edu/global_collection/gc_index.htm

Speaking of meteorwrongs, one of the most infamous of them in the last few
years, at least online, was the "Emerald Meteorite". Many list-members will
remember the extensive and not unattractive website, which went to great
lengths to advertise and promote this green specimen, to the consternation of
scientists and collectors. They surely had intended to start selling this
stuff as they garnered more and more publicity for it, but they may have
miscalculated just what percentage of that publicity would turn out to be the
negative kind. The "www.emeraldmeteorite.com" website has disappeared, but
here's a story about it, which I believe appeared in the context of exposing
"cyber hoaxes".


I have small slice of this meteorwrong, which the emerald-meteorite folks
sent me back in the days when they were trying to (selectively) solicit
meteorite-folks to pronounce their rock as being genuine. I could scan it
and add it to the meteorwrong collections, but it's pretty much just a boring
square of greenish synthetic, or "silica-manganese slag" according to the
final verdict. Not a meteorwrong in the sense of a lookalike.

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