[meteorite-list] Space Adventures: Antarctica Adventure Tour

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:35 2004
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Thats some deal. $44,000 for a two week trip and you cant even keep any of
the meteorites that you find. Imagine if you found a new lunar after
spending your $44,000 and then having to give it all away without getting so
much as a tax receipt in return. Its not like the meteorites in antarctica
are all that plentiful or easy to find anyway. Last year NASA got 74 pounds
of meteorites - working out to a cost to NASA of about $28,000 a pound.
At that cost of finding meteorites, NASA can keep antarctica all to
themselves with my full blessing. And if I want to see a vast white
wasteland of snow I will stay in canada all winter - (not that that sounds
particularly appealing to me).
For $28,000 I can hire desert nomads who will find me a hell of a lot more
meteorites than one measley little pound. As long as NASA stays off my turf,
I will happily stay of theirs.

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>Subject: [meteorite-list] Space Adventures: Antarctica Adventure Tour
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>From: "Chas Richardson"
>To: "Bob Verish" <bolidechaser_at_yahoo.com>
>Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 21:05:25 -0800
>Subject: Space Adventures: Antarctica Adventure Tour
>Antarctica Adventure Tour
>Our two-week Antarctica adventure is just around the
>corner (January 3 through January 18, 2002).
>The South Pole adventure stands a chance of making the
>record books, through our search for meteorites. The
>fact that Harrison Schmitt, a former US Senator,
>Apollo 17 astronaut, and the only Geologist to have
>ever stepped foot on the moon, is attending gives you
>the best possible odds of finding meteorites and
>enjoying the company of a national space hero.
>FYI: By attending the South Pole adventure, you will
>have completed one half of a new world's record, and
>will be automatically qualified to complete the other
>half of the world's record/adventure of a lifetime.
>There are plans to complete a North Pole adventure
>less than 90 days after completing the South Pole
>adventure... This has never been done before. The
>only people making history for this amazing
>will be those who participate in traveling to both
>ends of the world, with Space Adventures.
>Needless to say, traveling to either Pole is an
>amazing personal accomplishment. However, traveling
>with Space Adventures to both Poles in less than 90
>days, will guarantee your place in the history books!
>The cost for the two-week Antarctica adventure to the
>South Pole in January 2002 is $44,000. Further
>details for this adventure can be viewed by visiting
>Out of a possible 9 openings for this South Pole
>adventure, there are only 3 vacancies left. To
>reserve one of the last three positions on this
>amazing trip, please call or e-mail me ASAP.
>For interest in other Space Adventure tours, please
>contact me at your earliest convenience.
>Space Adventures... Where Reality Exceeds Your Dreams
>I look forward to speaking with you soon.
>Chas Richardson
>Director of Adventure Sales
>Space Adventures, LTD.
>E-mail: CRichardson_at_SpaceAdventures.com
>Mobile: 703-608-5656
>Office: 703-524-7172 ext. 212
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>I know what you're thinking, but, "No!", you don't get
>to keep the meteorites that you find.
>Bob V.
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