[meteorite-list] PA Bolide Graphics on the AMS Web Site

From: Jim Richardson <jrich_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:35 2004
Message-ID: <>

Hello all,

I have recently updated the maps on the AMS web site with regard to the
Pennsylvania Bolide of 7/23/01.

(1) the eyewitness drawing from southeastern PA has been revised by the
witness, using measurements made with instruments (rather than rough

(2) a track for the path of the fireball has been added, courtesy of
satellite surveillance data provided by Dr. Peter Brown. The path falls
nicely within the bounding box that I placed up a couple of days ago (based
upon fireball reports that we have received), and the direction of travel
is also consistent.

We are still in the process of following up on our received reports, and
are working on doing our own solution to the fireball track.



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