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Subject: Space Adventures: Antarctica Adventure Tour

Antarctica Adventure Tour

Our two-week Antarctica adventure is just around the
corner (January 3 through January 18, 2002).

The South Pole adventure stands a chance of making the
record books, through our search for meteorites. The
fact that Harrison Schmitt, a former US Senator,
Apollo 17 astronaut, and the only Geologist to have
ever stepped foot on the moon, is attending gives you
the best possible odds of finding meteorites and
enjoying the company of a national space hero.

FYI: By attending the South Pole adventure, you will
have completed one half of a new world's record, and
will be automatically qualified to complete the other
half of the world's record/adventure of a lifetime.

There are plans to complete a North Pole adventure
less than 90 days after completing the South Pole
adventure... This has never been done before. The
only people making history for this amazing
will be those who participate in traveling to both
ends of the world, with Space Adventures.

Needless to say, traveling to either Pole is an
amazing personal accomplishment. However, traveling
with Space Adventures to both Poles in less than 90
days, will guarantee your place in the history books!

The cost for the two-week Antarctica adventure to the
South Pole in January 2002 is $44,000. Further
details for this adventure can be viewed by visiting


Out of a possible 9 openings for this South Pole
adventure, there are only 3 vacancies left. To
reserve one of the last three positions on this
amazing trip, please call or e-mail me ASAP.

For interest in other Space Adventure tours, please
contact me at your earliest convenience.

Space Adventures... Where Reality Exceeds Your Dreams

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Chas Richardson
Director of Adventure Sales
Space Adventures, LTD.
E-mail: CRichardson_at_SpaceAdventures.com
Mobile: 703-608-5656
Office: 703-524-7172 ext. 212
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I know what you're thinking, but, "No!", you don't get
to keep the meteorites that you find.
Bob V.

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