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From: Jim Richardson <jrich_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:35 2004
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Ron Baalke wrote:

> > Here's a home page that maps several of the fireball sightings,
> > which all triangulate to a possible fall area:
> > http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireball/fireball_log.html

and Robert Manson replied:

> I saw the graphic last night -- it's nice, but I disagree
> with their conclusions.....

Hello Ron and Rob,

It is important to remember what the green box on the map is supposed to
represent -> it is a very general, preliminary bounding box for the
**trajectory of the visible portion of the fireball**. It is NOT at all
meant to be a map of a potential recovery area -- that will require a lot
more math and some better information from a number of witnesses.

We are in the process now of following up on several of our received
Internet reports, attempting to get better measurements (via compass and
inclinometer, if possible) of the reported endpoints of the fireball from
that observers location. With enough of these more accurate measurements
in hand, we will then attempt a solution for the fireball trajectory. From
that we can then extrapolate downward to a potential strewn field area
(with error bars, of course), or if an indication of speed can be gained
from the various witnesses we might be able to get some constraints on an
orbit for the object (a BIG if).

The map was simply my first step in screening the initial batch of reports
(now over 200), in order to (1) verifying that only one event probably did
occur, (2) gain a general idea as to what area the fireball occurred over,
& its general direction and length, and (3) determine what geographic areas
we needed to pursue more accurate reports from for the purpose of obtaining
a solution. The simple push-pin map achieved this goal, and now the real
fun starts.

Rob Matson also wrote:

> On a seemingly nitpicky note, the sketch shown to the right of the map
> has the sun in the wrong position:

Give the guy a break, Rob! It was drawn off the top of his head, the
following morning. He has since gone back and measured his angles (with a
sextant) and his revised drawing (which I haven't posted yet) shows the sun
in the correct position.

Best regards,


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