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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:34 2004
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Ok Gang this one is in my back yard.... Questions if anyone knows the
names/organizations of who is "officially" involved I'd appreciate
contact information. I am gathering data now on who is collecting
eyewitness reports. According to the news two Penn State Professors
have initial eyewitness reports and think the terminus was around 7.5 miles.

To whom and when will existing sattelite data be released?

 The current focus on the ground is near Williamsport and the gouge in a
cornfield does look like a glancing hit into a patch of corn...Of course
it could be a prank. The aerial videos look like an impact-a long
triangular area of clipped cornstalks ending in a circular spot.
Gauge/scale is hard to tell but the number of rows affected looks to be
less than 5 ft wide and perhaps 12-20 ft long.

I hope to be in the area for the next two days.

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